Safety comes first, it is a line management responsibility


Everyone is trained in all aspects of safety relevant to their job and project.


We have won numerous awards recently

Quality Management

Quality Assurance

  • Quality Management System (QMS)
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • ASME Certification: U, U2, R, S and PP
  • Routine and random audits
  • Continuous Improvement Programme

Quality Control

  • Dedicated team of inspectors
  • Specialist NDT service subcontractor


QCON operates within a comprehensive framework of systems, designed to provide consistent results to our customers, which include:

  • Integrated Timekeeping, Payroll, Accounting, Procurement, P&M and Cost control systems
  • Proposals Management Information System
  • Project Planning (Primavera)
  • Project Management Execution Pack
  • E-mail communication
  • Design Drafting Welding database