HSE Overview

“Our collective goal here at Qcon is to eliminate all incidents, occupational illnesses and unsafe work practices. We believe that our work is never so urgent or important that we cannot take the time to do it safely and in an environmentally responsible manner. Safety Compliance and Quality Work Execution are core to how Qcon provides its services. Our Life Saving Rules guide the behavior of employees and contractors working at Qcon Sites regionally.”

Vision & Mission

Qcon is persistently dedicated to its commitment to excellence in Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) performance. We want to; we choose to, we will be HSE compliant.

Occupational Health and Safety

The management of Qatar Engineering and Construction Company W.L.L (Qcon) considers the Occupational Health and Safety of our employees, and other interested parties as fundamental to achieving business excellence. Qcon is committed to:

Ensuring Occupational, Health and Safety (OH&S) excellence are fundamental principles of Qcon business philosophy and management culture.

  1. Providing processes for continually improving the Occupational, Health & Safety within all Qcon activities.
  2. Applying effective OH&S management systems, with the objective of preventing or minimizing injuries and occupational health hazards within the core business.
  3. Maintaining compliance with State Laws and Regulations; working with the authorities to ensure compliance to applicable legislation.
  4. Ensuring that contractors and suppliers working for Qcon are committed to OH&S principles and demonstrate such commitment in all their activities.
  5. Recording non-conformances and incidents at all levels, and to apply these information to ensure that proper and efficient work practices are established.
  6. Making OH&S excellence both as an individual and management’s responsibility.
  7. Providing suitable training and safe working environment to ensure work activities remain within the established procedures and practices.
  8. Reviewing this policy for continuing suitability of its application, ensuring that it is well understood by our employees and is always available to interested parties and or the public.

Environmental Protection Policy

The management of Qatar Engineering and Construction Company W.L.L (Qcon) considers Environment Protection as one of the core element in our business. It is the philosophy of the company to achieve business excellence through Environment Protection; giving consideration of paramount importance to our employees and other interested parties, ecology, terrestrial and or endangered species. Qcon is committed to:

  1. Compliance with all applicable Statutory Regulations, National and International Environmental Laws and other standard requirements which Qcon subscribes to.
  2. Implementation of an effective Environmental Management System to minimize adverse environmental aspects and impacts which would affect environment, endangered species, Qcon’s employees and other interested parties.
  3. Provide framework for continual improvement on Environmental Protection by setting Targets, Objectives and Programmes on relevant levels and function in our organization.
  4. Provide the necessary resources on education, trainings and skills, and the motivation of all employees so that this Policy is consistently implemented all throughout.
  5. Recording of non-conformance and any of the environmental emissions at all levels, and to use this information in ensuring that proper and efficient work practices are established.
  6. Assuring that contractors and suppliers working for Qcon commit to the environmental requirements of principals, and demonstrate such commitment in all their activities.
  7. Reviewing this policy for continuing suitability of its application, ensuring that it is well understood by our employees and is always available to interested parties and or the public.

Employee Healthcare Policy

Qatar Engineering & Construction Company W.L.L (Qcon) aims to promote sustainable health care management system that will provide and improve the morale, job satisfaction and wellbeing of our employees at work. Qcon is committed to:

Health screening, examination, treatment and further referrals to Government hospitals (including cases of chronic illness) of its employees and must be in line with Qatar Healthcare regulations, its Clients’ applicable standards and practices. This involves further evaluation and treatment, in close coordination with the Government hospital.

In the event of admission to Government hospital, Qcon shall conduct periodical follow-up related to check the health condition of the confined employee in the hospital.

  1. Provide first aid procedures and emergency management of all work and non-work related injuries and illnesses at workplaces and at different Company premises, i.e. camps and accommodations.
  2. Manage fitness to work of all employees, in compliance with the applicable rules and regulations.
  3. Manage a risk-specific health surveillance at workplaces and other company premises periodically.
  4. Establish health surveillance programs for industrial workers, especially those exposed to all types of occupational hazards.
  5. Develop and administer a sickness absence rehabilitation and phased return to work program.
  6. Conduct health awareness sessions and manage education programs for occupational health, safety and hygiene.
  7. Manage work related/non-work related stress through a psychological support program.
  8. Maintain compliance with the Company’s health and safety requirements.
  9. Maintain a confidential record of employees at all times.
  10. Always maintain a high professional integrity, clinically and ethically.

Qcon Integrated Management Systems is internationally certified in compliance with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental Management System) and ISO 45001:2018 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)

QMS ISO 9001:2015

EMS ISO 14001:2015

OHSAS ISO 45001:2018

We are the leading National EPC & Maintenance Contractor in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fertilizer and Power industries; and we accomplish this with a tremendous team. We are proud to receive the following HSE recognition and awards that highlight our standing as one of the top company.

Qcon has created this database to provide safety-related information in the shortest possible time. We believe that communicating safety alerts, bulletin, campaign and lessons learned from incidents on all our worksites will contribute towards improving our safety standards and it will help us to avoid the same mistakes or error in the future.

Training our employees is one of our priorities. Qcon HSE major training facility are located in Qcon head office. The facility are well recognized and approved by the clients. Our HSE trainer are able to deliver training in multiple languages and have minimum five years’ experience in HSE training field and relevant certificates. Training modules, as a minimum, comprise of training slides, and depending on the module, can be reinforced with relevant training video clips and/or practical demonstrations. A numerous training modules provided and available including, but not limited to, the following:


Qcon HSE Induction Qcon 6 Life-Saving Rules Accident/Incident Reporting Process
Basic Fire Extinguisher Confined Space Awareness Crane Operation Safety
Electrical Safety Environmental Awareness & Waste Management Firewatch & Holewatch Training
Hand & Power Tools Safety Heat Stress Hydrogen Sulphide
Manual Handling Back Safety Permit to Work Proper Handling of Hazardous & Non-Hazardous Materials
Safety Leadership Scaffold Safety Training Trenching & Shoring Safety
Welding Safety